2016 Federal Election (Indi)

In the 2016 Federal Election, the Shire of Murrindindi was within the Federal Electorate of Indi.

The Candidates

The  candidates participating in the Forum included:

- Cathy McGowan (Sitting Member), Independent

- Sophie Mirabella, Liberal Party

- Eric Kerr, Australian Labor Party

- Jenny O'Connor, Australian Greens

- Marty Corboy, Nationals

- Ray Dyer, Independant

- Alan Lappin, Independant.

Questions & Answers

Candidates were provide with the following question as a guide to what the Forum would cover.

"Within the context of present and future generations, what is your approach and solutions to:

1. Climate change

2. Forest harvesting in the Central Highlands especially in relation to tourism, sustainability and biodiversity?

3. The Great Forest National Park

4. Renewable Energy and the Renewable Energy Target

5. The Barrier Reef

6. The Murray Darling Basin Plan"